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Shenaniganz Entertainment Center: Shenanigans offer nearly endless options for kids and adults alike who seek fun above all else. Conveniently located in Rockwall, TX. And Greenville in Greenville, you are only a short drive from incredible experiences, interests, and adventures. The venue also offers private rentals for everything from children’s birthday parties to corporate events and evenings for adults. Packages for groups of 10 to 800 people. Inside the 75,000-square-foot building, you can find an array of adventures waiting for you. Explore challenging escape rooms in a variety of genres including the South American Jungle, and Mansion Murders. And the classic Budapest Express theme. Try your hand at ax throwing, VR fighting, bowling, see-saw, car stunts, laser marking, arcade games, and a huge selection of classic Texas holes. While most options are suitable for teens and adults who appreciate an active lifestyle, older kids can find plenty to do, too.
However, this isn’t really the place for toddlers or preschoolers. Shenanigans also regularly host performances from musicians, actors, and others. Enjoy a night of karaoke and a special team-themed celebration. When you’re tired of adventure and fun, head to the backyard for snacks, food carts, Rosie’s Sports Bar, or the Z Lounge for more fun and treats for the adults. The options are as varied as the rest of the entertainment centers that you can enjoy. Choose from burgers and bison wings, pizza and sandwiches, healthy salads, delicious steaks, build-your-own tacos, and everything from sweet tea to delicious Chardonnay to drink. Shenanigans really are the most fun outing for the whole family.

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Shenaniganz entertainment center Rockwall, tx

Shenanigans Entertainment Center, TX is located in the heart of Downtown Rockwall and just north of the train tracks. The center is a 2-story building with a small theater on the lower level and a full restaurant on the upper level. The restaurant is being designed and built by the same designer who created the entertainment center. The entertainment center is designed to be as open as possible, featuring a large stage, and an outdoor courtyard. And an auditorium that can seat over 200 people. The theater is also being designed and built by the same designer who designed the entertainment center. The new entertainment center is also being built by the same designer who designed the original train track. Rockwall’s entertainment center is being built as part of a planned city center of 20,000 and a new entertainment center is being built as a key part of the project.
Rockwall is the first place I’ve visited where I’ve heard the phrase, “Rockwall is the best part of me.” This is a bit odd because, like the original Rockwall, the Rockwall Recreation Center is being built in the middle of the most industrialized part of town. And like the original, the Rockwall entertainment center is being designed by a designer with a history of pop culture. I know the new Rockwall Recreation Center will be a huge investment for the City of Rockwall, but is it worth it? I think so. The entertainment center will bring in more visitors than the two restaurants open to the public.

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