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Gemini Home Entertainment is a horror anthology web series created. By Remy Abode and periodically released on a YouTube channel of the same name. And The series takes place in the 1980s and 90s and is presented as a collection of clips from VHS tapes produced by various fictional companies. And distributed by the eponymous company, Gemini Home Entertainment. Although superficially self-contained and exploring a wide variety of topics such as wildlife, and technology. And astronomy, the clip also tells an overarching story of extraterrestrial invasion and the impending end of the world.
Gemini Home Entertainment is regarded as an iconic analog horror series and combines elements of cosmic horror. Surrealism, body horror, and Native American mythology. The main series, also known as the Complete Boxset, continues to this day. Further videos have also been released as part of the spin-off series library.

Gemini Home Entertainment: Premise

The overall story of Entertainment is set in the 1980s and 1990s and told through a series of clips presented as VHS tapes distributed by the fictional company Gemini Home Entertainment. The tapes are a mix of educational clips, commercials, and public service announcements. And home videos, produced by various fictional companies such as Regnad Computing, Herbinz Technologies, and Optica! video. The motivation, ethics, and content differ between companies. The videos are complete with lo-fi music reminiscent of real-life-like videos.
The individual episodes are superficially self-contained, exploring topics such as wildlife, and artificial intelligence. And the solar system, but together they form a cohesive narrative and document the impending end of the world. The story from Gemini Home Entertainment features extraterrestrial invasion and parasitism and combines elements of cosmic horror, body horror, and Native American mythology. And The series includes threats such as extraterrestrial creatures (“good crawlers”) using humans as “vessels”. A fictional infectious disease called “Deep Root Disease”, and a fictional plant or fungus called “Nature’s Mockery”. That cripples people. The videos usually start off in a normal way before incorporating scary elements. The central antagonist of the series is The Iris, a sentient planet or planet-like entity who masterminded the invasion of the Solar System and affected life on Earth.

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The flagship line of Gemini Home Entertainment started in 2019 and is continuing. And The episodes were later organized into a playlist on the official YouTube channel under the title Gemini Home Entertainment Full Boxset. A spin-off series, Library, was slated to premiere in 2021 on the same YouTube channel. The library consists of shorter and “secret” episodes that do not follow the format of the main episodes and focus on exploring some of the more misunderstandings and confusing concepts introduced.


Entertainment was created by an unknown YouTube creator by the name of Remy Abode. Abode was inspired to make analog horror because the genre was too easy to enter; It was possible to create entire short films without actually recording footage or taking your own pictures, and cheaply made visual effects could be hidden under a layer of static interference. The story of the series was mainly inspired by creepypastas (horror legends) on the Internet, which revolved around mythical creatures such as wendigos and skin-walkers. And further inspiration came in the form of classic science fiction horror films such as Alien (1979) and The Thing (1982). A subplot from Gemini Home Entertainment revolves around a campsite called Moonlight Acres; This part was inspired by the recent horror films The Endless (2017) and The Ritual (2017).
The series makes heavy use of stock footage downloaded from free websites, such as Pexels, for some of its location shots, but notably in later installments, includes footage shot by Abode using his own camera. Abode used Hitfilm Express, a free video-editing software, to create VHS effects from Gemini Home Entertainment, FL Studio for some music cues and general sound design, and sketchbooks to design and paint the various creatures. Some of the videos feature 3D models created by Swift Animations, Friends of the Abode. Niwas described the effects as a “wildly messy and complicated” process.

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Gemini Home Entertainment: Reception

Gemini Home Entertainment is considered one of the most iconic analog horror series and is generally considered, along with Local 58, to be one of the premiere examples of the genre. Bailey Perkins of Hyperreal Film Club wrote in a 2022 review that Gemini Home Entertainment was his “favorite analog horror series to date”. And that it was brilliantly planned and executed. F Newsmagazine’s Nestor Koc also praised the series in 2022, calling it. “As novel as it is ambitious” and focusing instead on the slow pace of rising anxiety. Disquiet, and the impending end of the world, instead of gore and jump-starts. Focused on getting started. Focused on the fear of. Appreciate its excellence while trusting it.
Screen Rant’s Tanner Fox referred to Gemini Home Entertainment in 2021 as “almost as infamous as Local 58”. And called the series “terrifyingly authentic” and “for those who enjoy this kind of lo-fi horror”. ” Told. An absolute must watch”. -watch”. Screen Rant’s Lacey Womack also rated Gemini Home Entertainment as “excruciatingly fun”, and “hard to follow”. And one of the best video-based alternate reality games of 2022. Gemini Home Entertainment also posted a positive review by Alicia Szeniak. Who described the situations depicted in No One Safe? Saying that “the horror of this series comes from the helplessness experienced by the victims of the creatures in this series”.

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