White Entertainment Center, With Fireplace And Hutch Wall Units, Center Modern, Entertainment Unit

White Entertainment Center: Versatile white entertainment centers provide an open environment for living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. In a room with light walls and floors, the white bookshelf and TV stand fade into the background. This allows other decor items—including books, paintings, vases, and figurines—to take center stage. The ivory media console pops against the dark floor, creating a crisp, modern look. And If you want to create a coastal feel, pair a white entertainment center with brightly colored throw pillows and decor. White is always a timeless color that enhances the look of your home. A large white entertainment center can work for you, especially if you have dark wall paint. As the focal point of the room, a white wall unit or a freestanding one serves as the perfect backdrop for your home decor and large television. From bright modern pieces to rustic distressed ones.


Marco Low Profile Entertainment Center for Low Ceiling or Overhead Display

Whether you have low ceilings or prefer a simple entertainment center that isn’t too tall, the Marco entertainment center, which stands less than 6 feet tall, is an excellent choice. Contemporary styling makes this 8-foot-wide entertainment unit a great place to view modern flat-screen TVs from 42, 50 to 65+ inches. Wide variety of open shelving.

Ian Entertainment Center – 10 Feet Entertainment Center

The Ian Entertainment Center is half TV furniture and half a work of art. Available in any color you can think of, this ten-foot beauty transforms your living room into a contemporary viewing paradise. As more than just a beautiful home for your flat screen, this entertainment center is also discreetly functioning as a mega storage piece. The audience sitting right in front of it will not even get a whiff of it.

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Victor Entertainment Wall Unit – Sometimes Bigger Is Better

This large entertainment center measures 12 feet wide for entertaining that demands the biggest and best. The curio sections closest to the TV cavity are protected by glass doors, which protect accent pieces from dust, paper airplanes, and other hazards. Featuring glass door artifacts, this wall unit features open shelving and storage galore. Large drawers.

Keegan 8-Foot Entertainment Center w 360-Degree Storage

Contemporary style is the flavor of the day, and it doesn’t get much tastier than at the Keegan Entertainment Center! Eight Feet of Modern Goodness works carefully to show enough of itself without taking too much away from the television. The modern open-back entertainment unit provides a simple, yet sweet mix of storage space. deeply involved.

Sovi Entertainment Center – The Most Popular Open Back Entertainment Unit

The Sovi Entertainment Center packs a lot of functionality into a relatively small unit. Display shelves are featured in the back to give the living room or family room a very open look. Since flat screen TVs have become the norm, it has been one of our best-selling entertainment centers year after year. For 2013 we have added the option to order a colored sovie.

Chelsea Entertainment Center – The Most Affordable Entertainment Center

The most affordable entertainment center in the Contempo Space lineup, it looks like an entertainment center that costs twice as much! The modern design includes tall storage doors on each side and plenty of media storage under the television, accessible through cabinet doors. Our unique design includes upward-opening doors above the flat-screen TV. These keep themselves open pneumatically.

Lucas Entertainment Wall Unit w Open Space and Closed Storage

The Lucas Entertainment wall unit is a large, contemporary wall unit that does much more than just a television. The large, symmetrical design offers a relatively minimalistic look while offering a large amount of storage space. Wood shelves and drawers separate six different display spaces for holding different pieces and decorations. Great combination of…

Sawyer Entertainment Center – Contemporary Glass Doors, Overhead Storage

This modern entertainment center features a symmetrical design that is confident and soothing to the eye. The deceptively simple design takes advantage of the sophistication of the glass display towers while serving as more storage than meets the eye. In fact, behind every smooth, simple surface of this entertainment center lies a storage space. Altogether eight types of storage

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