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Pretty Place Of Chapel: The actual name of this chapel is called the Fred W. Sims Chapel, but it goes by the more common name of Pretty Place, which I think everyone can agree is pretty fitting. The camp is on private property in Greenville, owned and operated by the YMCA of Greenville. If you send your child to their summer camp, they will be able to come here often. Pretty Place is an open-air chapel overlooking the Carolina Piedmont at 3,200 feet. It is one of those places which is difficult to describe in words because of the incredible beauty that emanates from the mountains there.
Camp Greenville has been in existence since 1912, but Pretty Place was created much later, in 1941 thanks to Mr Fred Sims. It was renovated in 2012 and 2018. The inscription on the large beam overlooking the mountains in front of the massive cross is from Psalm 121. Where does my help come from? My help comes from Jehovah, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Visiting Pretty Place

Camp Greenville allows the Pretty Place Lights to shine brightly and is open to the public when not otherwise in use, which is mostly on Saturdays and Sundays, especially during the warmer months when the wedding season is in full swing. Google “beautiful place” and “wedding” and you will want to get married there or find someone who is totally open to getting married in a beautiful place. The Pretty Place is open from daylight till dusk and is the perfect spot to capture the beautiful sunrise. The roads are typical winding mountain roads, so it is important to check the weather before heading out in the wintertime. It’s about an hour away from Greenville. Also, before you go, you’ll need to check the schedule online, which is updated daily and sometimes hourly. Find it online here.
There are no restrooms on-site between December 1st and March 15th so plan accordingly. The tour of Pretty Place is free but of course, they accept donations. The Pretty Place seats approximately 300 people and is very popular for weddings and memorial services. For me, mountains always bring a sense of peace and solitude. It’s no different in Pretty Place. The towering mountains, the breathtaking views, the remembrance of the chapel as a place of prayer – it’s all peaceful. In that light, visitors are asked to be respectful. No alcohol, pets or smoking is allowed.

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Brief History of the Beautiful Place

Officially Fred W. Named Symes Chapel, the chapel is known as a place of beauty thanks to the gorgeous view the place offers. The view is so beautiful that the adjective ‘stunning’ seems more apt to name this venue than ‘beautiful’ and it also fits the bill for Pretty Place Chapel wedding cost. The building was built in 1941 and given by a man whose name is used on the chapel, Mr Fred W. Sims. The chapel has been continually improved upon and several major upgrades were carried out in 2012 and 2018. No wonder this YMCA has become the spiritual centre of Camp Greenville, where the chapel is located.

Beautiful Place Chapel Amenities

However, the Pretty Place chapel wedding cost for other facilities is the same for any day of the week. Those facilities are for one-hour rehearsals, sound system rental, and background adjustments with prices written in the chart. So In addition to the cost, a deposit of $300 is required to book a reservation. This is non-refundable unless you cancel your reservation 12 weeks prior to the event. On that unfortunate occasion, a refund is possible, but you will need to pay a cancellation fee of $150 for weddings and $75 for rehearsals. Unfortunately, the offered Pretty Place Chapel wedding costs are limited to those mentioned above, so you will have to prepare yourself for other needs. Still, it’s a great deal that some of the facilities’ cause is to help local businesses or vendors that help wedding events thrive.
Several vendors can be found near Pretty Place to help you meet your wedding needs. Some of the facilities you can access are artists, bakeries, caterers, DJs, florists, hair and makeup, music, officiants and officiants, photographers, wedding coordinators, videographers and wedding services. In addition, other things such as area accommodations, reception venues, restaurants, and transportation can meet your wedding needs outside of the Pretty Place chapel wedding cost. Whether a feature is necessary is up to you, and you can choose which vendors want to support you.

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Why You Should Use a Beautiful Venue for Your Wedding

The one thing that makes a marriage last a lifetime is experience. By getting married at the Fred W. Sims Chapel, you’ll have the best wedding experience possible, considering the cost of a chapel wedding in a beautiful location. There is an obvious reason why this chapel is named Pretty Place. It is known for the reason that this place is beautiful and not just for marketing purposes. The design of the building is appropriate and beautiful in conjunction with the breathtaking northern part of South Carolina from the top of the mountain.
Unlike other chapels, the Fred W. Symes’ “Pretty Place” Chapel makes an indoor wedding feel like an outdoor wedding with a unique building. There’s a stunning view from inside the chapel for you and your guests to enjoy during the wedding, so it’s not just for taking pictures. Don’t forget to bring your best photographers, though. Just below the ceiling, which also serves as the top frame of the scene and is included in the Pretty Place Chapel wedding cost, is biblical writing that says, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills…”, Quoted from Psalm 121:1. , the writing can really run with the theme of the place.

Can you get married at Pretty Place Chapel?

Many couples choose to get married in a chapel, and there are many beautiful chapels to choose from. If you are looking for a chapel with a great view, you might consider getting married at Pretty Place Chapel. Pretty Place Chapel is located in North Carolina, and it offers spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is the perfect place for a romantic wedding ceremony. The chapel is available for weddings Monday through Friday and can accommodate up to 120 guests. You can also choose to have your reception in the chapel. If you are interested in getting married at the Pretty Place Chapel, you will need to book well in advance, as the chapel is popular with couples.

How much does a beautiful venue wedding cost in South Carolina?

If you’re looking for a wedding venue with Southern charm, the beautiful location in South Carolina could be the perfect location. But how much does it cost to get married there? Pretty Place is a Christian retreat centre located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It offers both indoor and outdoor wedding venues as well as accommodation for up to 175 guests. The cost of getting married at The Pretty Place varies depending on the time of year. In winter (November to February), the venue fee is $1,500. In the spring (March to May), the fee is $2,000. The summer (June to August) fee is $2,500. and in the fall (September through October), the fee is $1,500.
In addition to venue fees, there are other costs to consider. The Pretty Place requires a $500 refundable damage deposit and a $200 minimum catering fee. You will also need to pay for your wedding license and any decorations or flowers you want. So, how much does it cost to get married at The Pretty Place in South Carolina? Depending on the time of year, the cost can range from $1,700 to $3,200.

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