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There are so many different ways to get a beautiful nail look that you love, and Nailboo is here to share some of our favourite options for styles that really stand out. Not only can a regular manicure be good for proper nail care and healthy nail growth, but it also serves as a blank canvas for self-expression and creativity. And Understanding all of your nail style and design options is one of the best ways to achieve the nail look of your dreams.
That’s why Nailboo offers decor ideas and much more than just our easy-to-use nail dip kits. We also have a nail tip set that will take your at-home manicures to the next level. And, of course, we’re sharing our favourite resources and guides for proper nail care and management every day. Here is what you should keep in mind before getting started with nail tips.

What are nail tips?

While the name is pretty self-explanatory, it’s important to know that you have many different options when it comes to nail tips. Aand Nail tips will add length to your nails, which means you have a lot more options when it comes to designs, decals and unique patterns. The tips actually contribute to the thickness of the nail as well. Nail tips can be a very low-impact option when compared to other nail styles and designs, and may be perfect for your needs.
With so many different nail options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. There are a few things you should consider when deciding whether nail tips are the right choice for your next manicure.

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Nail Tips: They have less impact than acrylic

If you’ve ever had acrylic nails or a full set of nail enhancements, nail extensions may seem like a welcome change. Overall, nail tips have less impact on the nail and less risk of permanent damage or irritation. Of course, it’s always important to listen to the needs of your nails and see what works best for you, but tips can be a great middle-ground for your next extension.

Not all styles are creats equal

You have many different manicure options to choose from, and this extends to your nail tip choices as well. If you like the feel of acrylic, there are acrylic nail tip options available. Gel and dip nails have much less impact and take less time to get used to. When deciding on the best method for adding your next nail tip, explore your options and see which one fits both your style and your comfort needs.

Price may vary severely

Here at Nailboo, we believe that manicures and nail art should be accessible to everyone. Ultimately, proper nail care is important to your overall health and well-being. Artistic expression doesn’t have to break the bank. That’s why we offer an affordable nail tip option that you can apply in the comfort of your own home, and we’re sharing everything we know about nail tips and other fun nail design options.
That said, if you want to get glamorous tips, prices can vary greatly. When applying nail tips at a salon, you can expect prices to start around $85 and go up to around $400, depending on what type of tips you use and how much design and style are involved.

Nail Tips: Keep in mind the maintenance

When choosing your price point, you’ll also want to take into account maintenance costs. Tips can last between one and three weeks depending on the type you choose and how complex the design and application are. However, like many other nail options, you will have to manage the effects of growth. This means accounting for the cost and time spent on filing and proper care, which will help keep your nails healthy and your tips looking perfect.

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They take some time to get used to

Any type of nail or nail extension will feel a little different on your fingers, and tips are no exception. And While they contribute to the length of your nail, they also have an effect on the thickness of your nail. In the beginning, it can feel heavy and a bit unbalanced. When you first apply your tips, it’s important to take a little extra time when attempting tasks such as typing or opening a package.

Nail Tips: Consider coverage

You have a few different shape and coverage options when it comes to your nail tips. And The main three are well-less nail tips, half-well nail tips and full-well nail tips. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and versatile option that doesn’t require a lot of time or energy for a good fit, well short tips are the way to go. Half-well tips are a nice middle point to tips that offer more coverage but require a bit more maintenance and care when it comes to keeping them neat and chic.
And if you’re looking for a higher amount of coverage, full-veil nails are the way to go. Full-well nails are helpful for people who have imperfections they want to hide or if you’re worried about the nails sticking out. Thanks to their larger size, full-well tips are the best option for properly adhering nails. This extra coverage means they look best in solid colours that can hide any lines or blend between the tip and the natural nail.

Proper Removal Case

Proper exfoliation is the single most important step you can take to prevent damage or complications to your nails. When we scrape off our nail polish, it can cause brittleness or irritation under the nail and pose a risk of infection. If you’re deciding on nail tips for your next manicure, you might want to consider a removal procedure. A certified technician is probably your best option for properly removing your tips, but you can remove them at home with care. The removal process is similar to the removal of acrylic nails. You’ll want to soak the nail in acetone and allow the adhesive to loosen before using your pusher to carefully remove the tip from the nail.

Need Some Rest

We all love getting our nails done, but taking breaks between our manicures is just as important as getting the first one done. Even if acrylics and nail tips are applis correctly, they can affect the health and strength of the nail underneath. This is why you’ll want to give your nails a chance to breathe before applying more polish or another set of tips.
No matter what type of tips you choose, give your nails a week without any coverage if you can. This will allow the nail to grow stronger and give you a chance to rule out any other nail issues.

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