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With spectacular city views, stunning architecture and serene gardens, Yamashiro has welcomed guests for generations in its magical setting above Hollywood Boulevard. From its origins as a private estate to its modern incarnation as an Asian fusion restaurant and event venue, Yamashiro’s fascinating history is something straight out of a Hollywood script.

A Mountain Palace in Hollywood

Meaning “Mountain Palace” in Japanese, Yamashiro was originally the vision of Adolf and Eugene Bernheimer, who were described by the National Park Service as “German-born cotton barons and avid Asian art collectors”. And After acquiring a dozen acres of Hollywood Hilltop property to build their estate and gardens, the Bernheimer brothers hired New York architect Franklin M. Small, which featured his Asian art. There will be a collection. Treasures. Completed in 1914, the mansion was reportedly a replica of a palace located in the mountains of Yamashiro Province near Kyoto. So In fact, the Main House was a mix of design elements from Japan, China, and other Asian cultures.
Yamashiro is accessing a flight of 300 steps leading up a hill through landscape Japanese gardens. Inside the 10-room teak and cedar mansion, the carved rafters were lacquer in gold and tipped with bronze dragons. The walls covered with glittering silks and ancient tapestries. With landscaping reportedly costing $2 million, the terraces were filled with 30,000 varieties of plants and trees, waterfalls, goldfish, and a private zoo of exotic birds and monkeys. Toy-sized bronze houseboats float along a maze of small canals and through a miniature Japanese village.

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About Yamashiro Hollywood

Yamashiro Hollywood perch atop the Hollywood Hills, with stunning panoramic views of Los Angeles, from the Griffith Observatory to the Pacific Ocean, and everything in between. The dining experience includes Asian-inspired cuisine supported by our contemporary cocktail program featuring artisanal souks and hand-crafted cocktails.

“Japan” starring Yamashiro

Since the 1920s, Yamashiro has starred as “Japan” in numerous film and TV productions and has also appeared in countless commercials and photoshoots. Therefore More recently, Yamashiro is the setting for the final scene of Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals. So Director Joshua Logan chose the castle as the setting for the officers’ club in his Academy Award-winning 1957 film Sayonara, starring Marlon Brando. So Yamashiro’s other films include Memoirs of a Geisha, Gone in 60 Seconds, Blind Date, Thousand Men and a Baby, and Playing God and Teahouse of the August Moon. During the 1950s and ’60s, Yamashiro became a familiar sight on TV with appearances on such series as I Spy, Route 66, Perry Mason, and My Three Sons.

Restaurant of the Week: Yamashiro Hollywood

This week, the Hollywood Chamber recognizes Yamashiro Hollywood as our Restaurant of the Week! Sitting 250 feet above Hollywood Boulevard, the Yamashiro began as a Japanese-inspired hillside mansion to house a priceless collection of Asian treasures curated by the Bernheimer brothers. Therefore Today, Yamashiro Hollywood is a premier dining experience like no other. So From classic sushi and Japanese cuisine to Sunday brunch and the popular Hollywood Night Market, Yamashiro offers guests a unique cultural experience with stunning views of the Los Angeles skyline. When you finish your meal, you’ll want to stroll through the gardens and admire the 600-year-old pagodas that were brought over from Japan. To this day, it is the oldest structure still standing in the state of California.

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