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Kingpins Family Entertainment Center: KingPins is the premier destination for entertainment, food, and fun! Fully equipped bowling alley entertainment center located in Beaverton and Portland. Kingpins Family Entertainment Center offers a fun, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere of bowling, arcades, and restaurant dining where you can “Eat Role Play All Day”. Experience the ultimate family fun with automated scoring lanes, the latest in video games, service pro shops, and the Taphouse Bar & Grill. Have “Cosmic Bowling” on Friday nights, Saturday afternoons and nights, and Sunday nights. Kingpin is also suitable for corporate gatherings.

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Kingpin aims to be the best in the industry by giving top priority to guest satisfaction. Kingpin is a fully equipped bowling alley entertainment center located in Beaverton and Portland. The new Kingpins Beaverton facility will include 45,000 square feet of fun, including 24 main lanes, 10 additional lanes at the Taphouse Bar & Grill, and new Kingpins attractions such as laser tag and virtual reality games.


Kingpin is the newest bowling and arcade center in Portland. Kingpin is the perfect place to let off some steam by playing a few rounds of bowling, playing games at the arcade, and grabbing some food at the Taphouse Bar & Grill. A kingpin is a great place for social gatherings. Be it a birthday party, family night out, date night, corporate gathering, or any other event, Kingpin has got you covered. Visit Kingpin on Friday nights, Saturday afternoons and nights, and Cosmic Bowling on Sunday nights.

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Kingpin Family Entertainment Center

The Kingpin Family Entertainment Center near Beaverton is the perfect destination for family fun. With 24 main lanes, along with 10 additional lanes at Taphouse Bar & Grill, as well as laser tag and virtual reality games, there’s no shortage of ways to make some great memories. Kingpin is the perfect place to relax with friends and family while taking a break from everything in this big world. With over 65 arcade games, there are plenty of options for everyone. Kingpin has a laid-back atmosphere that is casual enough to enjoy time spent playing video bowling or billiards, but also trendy enough to avoid getting bored of the same old routine every day. Located at 2725 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97005, Kingpin Family Entertainment Center is your one-stop shop for all of your party needs.

You’ll get an entire room with everything from decorated walls to white tablecloths and red cheat sheets so you can enjoy every minute of this special time in private. This family entertainment center is the perfect venue for your next birthday party. KINGPINS is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your friends and family. From a children’s play area to tons of arcade games or an interactive virtual reality theatre, there is something for everyone here. Come to the Kingpins Family Entertainment Center with an appetite and enjoy some delicious food at the Taphouse Bar & Grill before or after their many exciting games. There are lots of interesting family-friendly activities to enjoy at this huge arcade, so it won’t be hard to find someone your age. Even if you don’t have kids, stop by for some fun video games and interactive exhibits on the second floor.

What is considered a family entertainment center?

An FEC can come in a variety of forms. This often happens entirely indoors with theme park properties. Indoor centers can range from 15,000–20,000 square feet, but some facilities have much larger spaces. For example, Launch Entertainment boasts upwards of 50,000 sq. ft.
Bowling alleys integrated with arcades, restaurants, and music are popular. Laser tag, a skating rink, playgrounds, and zip lines are all under the umbrella of the recreation center. FEC also organizes private celebrations such as birthday parties and corporate events. With smartphones and computers cementing their presence in everyday life, the need for in-person quality time is more prevalent than ever. FEC is a fun way to benefit while giving families in your community a way to create long-lasting memories.

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Family Entertainment Center Equipment

Here’s a look at the variety of new equipment that has since been added to the list of FEC essential items. Go-karts, laser tag, thrilling free fall rides, and climbing walls are some of the common FEC activities and rides. With these newly incorporated standards, family entertainment centers are even more exciting and cater to a wider range of customers. Thrill Rides are the ultimate modern addition to the classic family fun center and represent the future of the family entertainment industry. There are lots of exciting ride equipment that can incorporate into an FEC facility and many of them range from small-scale to ultimate advanced amusement. The addition of the QuickJump Free Fall device to FEC provides a thrilling free fall drop ride for customers to test their limits and take their family entertainment to an exciting new level.
Zip lines are an exciting element to add to family entertainment centers and can incorporate into indoor and outdoor facilities. Using state-of-the-art zip line equipment such as the Zipstop Zip Line Brake and Head Rush’s High Tech Zip Line Trolley, you can create a fun zip line that has automatic brake reset and automatically engages so riders don’t have to brake. Many FECs opt to add a climbing wall to their family entertainment center to provide a complete experience for the entire family. Climbing walls with the TRUBLUE Auto Belay provide exciting, reliable family fun while providing great exercise. Climbing can combine to form a single climbing wall with a few climbing wall sections or multiple climbing lanes.

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