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Dhar Mann Actors – Dhar Maan is an American entrepreneur and film producer. He is best known for his video production company, Dhar Maan Studios, which produces short films for social media platforms such as YouTube. The cast of Dhar Mana is something that is on top of searches recently. Scroll down the article below to know the cast of Dhar Mana.

Who is Dhar Maan?

Dhar Maan has become a prominent social media personality who has earned massive success with his inspirational videos. Through this, he entered into many different businesses and established himself as an entrepreneur. And His videos are motivational and educational and focus on the self-improvement of an individual. It delves into relationships, business, friendship and various other areas of life. Dhar Maan has more than one million followers only from his videos which are usually viral on YouTube and other social media platforms. In fact, all his videos are sketches and take inspiration from real-life events. Fans are loving his web video series because of the well-choreographed narratives and what he has used to communicate messages to the younger generation.

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Dhar Mann Actors Cast

Dhar MannSelf
Katherine NorlandMom
Riki Yvette WestmorelandMother
Colin A. BordenDad
Shauntè MassardMother
Vinn SanderFriend/Boyfriend
Mair MulroneyGirlfriend/Roommate
Carl JudieHomeless Man
Ayden MekusSon
Sofia Chicorelli SernaDaughter
Jovanna VidalMom/Girlfriend
Brianna WalkerDaughter
Chas LaughlinChad/Employee/Roommate
Elizabeth Lamboy-WilsonGrandmother
Nick SarandonBoss
Ohdarnette InCustomer No 4
Carlos R. ChavezBoyfriend/ Friend/Employee
Angela VeraDaughter

Dhar Mann Actors

Catherine Norland

You must have often seen her playing the role of a mother in Dhar Mana’s videos. She is an actress who is also a poet and film producer. And In addition to her appearance in the Dhar Maan video, she is an established actress who also received a Grammy nomination for her role in the 2009 film “The Pendant”.
The 49-year-old actress was born on 22 October 1973 and has also received several nominations in her lifetime. But her popularity grew when she became one of the Dhar Mana actors and the star also expressed her gratitude for getting the chance to be in the Dhar Mana video.

Carlos R Chave

Carlos is one of the famous actors of Dhar Maan who is seen as a lover, employee and friend. The 29-year-old Peruvian-born actor, who moved to Los Angeles after completing his education, Carlos R. Chave received his Associate of Fine Arts degree in acting for the film. He later honed his skills by taking classes in the workshops of Yale alum Gregory Berger-Sobeck. They’re breaking down barriers by doing Broadway, movies and more.
He received the 2019 Broadway World Regional Awards under the Best Actor category and also received a nomination for “Romeo and Juliet in Hell”. She had a life-changing role in the film “Tankhouse” (2022), where she worked with Christopher Lloyd.

Dhar Mann Actors: Vin sander

This Indian-origin actor is a common face in Dhar Maan videos. He is usually a lover or husband. The 30-year-old actor has surely touched the lives of many through his films. He is originally from Kerala and later lived in Delhi before moving to Los Angeles for his acting career.

Ayden max

Ever since he started acting in December 2017, Aden has been doing commercials and several acting gigs. The 16-year-old actor from North Carolina, Dhar Mann became widely popular after becoming one of the regular faces of the cast. And With a net worth of $1 million to $1. And 5 million, this kid has become a successful actor.

Colin A. Borden

Colin, popularly known as the father in Dhar Maan’s videos, is a well-known actor and director. He has been a part of the highly acclaimed series “Better Call Soul” in 2015 before joining “Dhar Mann” in 2018.

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Maier Mulroney

Maier Mulroney, who plays the meanest girl in the video, is an award-winning American actress. He is a singer, composer and lyricist, one of the most popular actors. The 33-year-old star also has her own YouTube channel and is quite a name in the industry.

Dhar Mann Actors: Sofia Chicorelli Serna

Popularly known as Psycho Mantis, this American child actress who is also a YouTuber is only 14 years old and is already making headlines. She appears as one of the Dhar Maan actors in the video and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Both his mother, Janet Serna, and his father, Hussein Chicorelli, are supportive of his dreams.

Shante Massard

Shante Dhar Maan joined the list of actors and has gained immense recognition since then. The 45-year-old actress from Washington DC has been a part of Dhar Maan Videos since 2019 and continues to date. She is also actively doing TV shows and movies and runs her own podcast.

Brianna walker

The 15-year-old actress is a well-known anti-bullying advocate. The model and rapper has also won the Junior Oscar Award 2 times and has received international acclaim for her acting roles in Dhar Maan’s Mini TV. He has several projects in the pipeline and is a cutting-edge actor, his career is flourishing.

Devon weekly

Apart from the Dhar Maan video, you may remember him from “Piper Rockelle”, “Clue” and “Two Minutes”. The 17-year-old actor is usually playing the role of a teenager in the Dhar Maan production. But ever since he started, he has only embraced fame and success. The Dhar Mana actors list is endless. However, we have handpicked some of the best actors who are often seen in the videos. Dhar Mana actors are now getting worldwide recognition and may soon enter mainstream media. Do you think this is possible?

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