Beef Tips And Noodles

Beef Tips And Noodles, Simple Recipe, Crock Pot Beef Tips, and Noodles, Low And Slow Cooking

This Beef Tips and Noodles recipe is a great dish that’s super easy to make with just a few ingredients. Great with any kind of role. And I got this recipe from my mom years ago and it is still a family favorite. If you’re looking for a delicious comfort food recipe that doesn’t take much effort to make, you’re going to love this Crock Pot Beef Tips and Noodles recipe. Savor soft stew meat that is covered in a thick and silky gravy and served over cooked pasta. This is an easy recipe to make and only takes ten minutes to make! All you have to do is mix together a few ingredients, pop them in the slow cooker, and let the magic happen.
When it’s time for dinner, add a simple flour and water solution to the mix. Simmer your noodles until the gravy thickens and dinner is ready to be served! Of course, you can also serve it over rice or mashed potatoes. The choice is entirely up to you. However, if you’re trying to fit some low-carbohydrate foods into your diet, you can serve just the tender tips as a main dish. Then add some garlic green beans, and roasted Brussels sprouts, or serve over cauliflower rice. However you decide to serve it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy both the flavor and texture of the beef. You can actually shred the meat with a fork, it’s tender. So the gravy has a ton of flavor that coats the meat perfectly. Best of all, there’s enough gravy in the bottom of the crock pot to drizzle over noodles, potatoes, or rice!

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Crock Pot Beef Tips and Noodles – An Easy Weeknight Meal

What I love about this Beef Tips and Noodles recipe is that it is so easy to prepare. It makes for the perfect weeknight meal because everything is in the slow cooker and ready to cook in less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is add some thick batter and cook the noodles before dinner. So, however, you can save even more time on a busy weeknight if you cook your noodles a day or two in advance. Then all you have to do is heat the noodles till the gravy thickens. And in 10 minutes, a perfectly comforting meal will be on the table and ready to eat.

What are Beef Tips?

The term beef tips are used in many different ways. The technical definition includes a piece of meat taken from the tip of a beef tenderloin. It is a tender cut of beef with a good proportion of fat which makes the meat extremely flavourful. And However, many people also refer to beef tips as stew meat. They are not the same cut of meat though. Stew meat is actually cut from different sections of the cow. Those parts of the meat are left over after cutting larger roasts and steaks. It can be really confusing because many grocery store packages of stew meat are labeled as beef tips. However, stew meat is tougher and requires more cooking time than actual beef tips.

Low And Slow Cooking

True beef tips that are cut from the tip of a sirloin take only minutes to cook. Simply throw steak tips on a hot grill or cast iron skillet and they’re ready to eat in no time. And However, this is not the case with stew meat. Since stew meats are taken from the tougher parts of the cow, they require long and slow cooking. Although you can cook Beef Tips and Noodles on the stovetop, the meat will need about 90 minutes to break down and become tender. And for most of us, it has to be done on the weekends when we have time to spend in the kitchen. Instead, there are other, more efficient ways to cook meat without having to closely monitor the stove. Putting the meat in a slow cooker is a great example.
In fact, the longer you want to cook the meat on the high heat setting, the better it is to let it cook on low for 7-8 hours. This low cooking temperature will allow enough time for the fibers in the beef to break down and become juicy and tender. However, if you have a pressure cooker, you can also make Instant Pot beef tips and noodles in less time. The pressure cooking process will break down the meat completely and dinner can be ready to eat in about an hour.

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Crock Pot Beef Tips and Noodles Recipe

*Specific measurements and complete recipe instructions are located in a printable recipe card at the bottom of this article. However, continue reading below for tips and tricks on how to make this recipe.


  • 1 cup beef broth
  • 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1-ounce packet of brown gravy mix, low-sodium
  • 1 10.75 oz thick cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 small onion (about 1/3 cup)
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic crushed
  • 2 lbs beef stew meat
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 1/4 cup water
  • Cooked egg noodles (or any type of pasta, mashed potatoes, or rice).

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